Saturday, December 31, 2016


I began this blog AsSeenBySusan nearly two years ago in March of 2015. At that time, I was looking for a way to share my travel photos and experiences with an online audience of friends, family, and anyone else who wanted an armchair view of the places I visited. With this blog, my intention was to go more in depth with my descriptions and photos than I was able to do on my Facebook page which I pretty much limit to travel posts in real time while I am traveling.

At the same time in 2015, I started a second blog, Walla Walla Daily Photo-AsSeenBySusan, as part of a worldwide photo blogging community known as City Daily Photo. Here I post photos and commentary exclusively of my beloved home town and the surrounding Walla Walla Valley. Readers may access that blog by subscribing to it, by going directly to the City Daily Photo website and/or Facebook page, or by opening the links that I post on my personal Facebook page.

Although not "daily" I continue to actively post to my Walla Walla Daily Photo blog as often as my time and my spirit move me. I enjoy the regular challenge of photographing both the unique and the common aspects of our valley and sharing my photographs and commentary with an audience. However, I have not been a very regular steward of my AsSeenBySusan blog for a host of reasons that I'll refrain from listing here, other than to announce that as of today, I am setting out to change my ways. It's not really a New Year's resolution despite being suspiciously close to the turn of a new year. In fact, it's something I have been thinking about for a long time. It's just that now I am finally ready.

After changing computers from a PC to a Mac nearly a year ago, I thought organizing my growing photo collection would be a snap. It wasn't. In truth, it has taken me months and plenty of frustrated tears to export my 61,000+ photos that are in the iCloud, and hence on all of my iDevices, to permanent storage on a dedicated hard drive. In doing so I was reminded of all the wonderful places I have had the good fortune to see and experience and that I would like to share with an audience. 

So in the spirit of adventure, I re-dedicate this blog to the armchair dreamer and traveler as you experience the world As Seen By Susan

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